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On Windows Vista after all is installed and working when you go to My Computer it interprets the MagicJack as two different devices, one as a CD and the other as a hard disk. To make more since, the following is my lineup: When I right click on the G: If I go back to My Computer and right click the large majicjet software icon and select properties it shows it as a removable disk of type FAT with a used space of KB and unused space of When I select the hardware tab it shows 3 hard drives instead of my actual number of hard drives, C: A little more on my experience installing MajicJack: The instructions on the box that came with the MajicJack say to simply plug the MJ into a USB slot and the software will be automatically downloaded, installed, and a dialogue provided to register and activate the MJ as well as give you your new phone number. After that had finished I knew that something was wrong as I couldn’t find anything relating to MJ software. I looked for the MJ under hardware manager but found some strange stuff under USB devices that didn’t say anything about MJ and which I couldn’t understand. I looked under control panel and under phone and Modem setup all I could do was tell it my area code, which obviously wasn’t enough.

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It is especially useful in areas with a bad cellular phone signal. The MagicJack Plus device is easily available on , along with all of the included accessories including the power adapter, USB extension cord, and Ethernet cable. To find the MagicJack Plus on eBay, shoppers should enter “MagicJack Plus” into the search box located on every page of the site and perform a search. Browsing through the listings to find a seller with a high feedback score is the next step.

The final step before purchase is to read the entire listing carefully.

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Then make sure that the audio cable is not plugged in. Next, check that the MagicBox II is not connected with any other device. This means that the Bluetooth is now ready to pair with a new device. If this does not work, it is possible that the Bluetooth sensor is damaged and may need to be replaced. Next, plug one end of the aux cord into the MagicBox II and the other into your device.

Now wisely follow the instructions so you can register your magicJack plus. Fill up the credentials to continue the procedure of registration and terms and condition need to be accepted. Check out your email, there you will get the activation code.

Our company supplies telephone equipment to phone companies. We don’t know anything about the Magic Jack other than what’s in this Tech Bulletin. We don’t recommend the Magic Jack for anything other than a really cute inexpensive toy. Never give Magic Jack your credit card number. You can plug it into an Ethernet port on your home router.

No PC is needed but you can still use one if you want.

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Magic Jack can potentially save you money on your phone expenses, but you might want to find out more information about their phone service, before making your buying decision. I would like to know if Magic Jack will work in my specific area? Check out their area code listings page. Can I use the same number that I have been using in the past? Not currently, but they are planning on providing this service in future.

You would be able to port phone number to magic jack for a small fee.

my second computer i dont have a keyboard or monitor nor mouse hooked up to it just the magic jack and the ethernet thats it. Also the computer has to stay running, if .

You can avoid hooking your device to your computer and quickly use the www. This also allows you to get the device all setup for use without a computer and simply visiting the mjreg site to finish installation and registration. Most routers have multiple Ethernet ports and you can choose whichever one you like. Again plug it in until you hear the click.

Also make sure the other end is connected to the home phone you want to use. During this process the computer, tablet or smartphone you use must be on the same internet network as your magicJack GO device. Here you can transfer your old devices account or start a new account. Auto-Play Dialog Box 4 The magicJack logo will show up on your screen — it may take a several minutes to load the application from here. The blue area on the left side offers you 30 minutes or 48 hours whichever comes first of outgoing calls to test the device.

Lower pane of magicJack software application 8 The purple area is to go ahead and register your device right away and get a phone number. Create Your Account 10 The window will load a new page. Once there fill out your name, address, email and select a password. Enter Your Details 11 On the next page you will name your device.

How To: Set Up MagicJack Plus For Use Without A Computer

Not that I’m a tech expert, but still.. Note I’m rating this higher to balance any1 star reviews, because both myself and many others need MJ for budget reasons. That said, here are the drawbacks:

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Sat May 26, 3: I have spent 2 hrs with chat support and they are lost. I figured out that the device has a bad phone jack Why on earth would the chat support say he is passing my issue to engineers and they will fix it on their end? Here is the total chat log from this morning: Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with Ezekiel: Use a different name.

Please unplug your magicjack and plug it back after 20 seconds to another USB port of your router Christian: Do you have any other telephone that you can hook up to your magicJack? Are you using a cordless phone? Do you have an extra ethernet cord that we can try to use instead of the cord that we include in the package?

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I consider making an international call the following: I have some bad news: However, there is a way to call internationally for free. Even though your call to customer service started with a toll-free number, the call to the call centers in different countries were, no doubt, international. How do you call internationally for free? First, a list of items you need:

How to set up Caller ID? Find easy to follow instructions to set up your XFINITY Voice Caller ID.

We rarely use a home phone, but it’s handy for a back up, finding your cell phone, etc. The sound quality has always been fine, I’ve never had to call customer service, and it’s basically free. I recommend them to anyone who will listen. Paid for their hardware and service but I never received what I paid for. It was working fine for a while and it stopped working. At first I thought that it was my devices or settings that caused it but upon calling them, they told me that they black listed my number.

I didn’t get any kind of notification about this whatsoever so I was in the dark They told me that they sold this to a different customer than me and that customer never received it, so they proceeded to block my device instead. I’m out of money the money is so little, it’s the theft and principle that I despise and this has caused some big inconveniences. I also found out that there’s a class action suit against them Since August 31st, so this rather confirms that Magic jack is no longer a company that consumers can trust.

Imagine you are using this line for business and out of no where they take back what you paid for. This is exactly what happened to me and now I have lost business because of them. The payment was made through credit card and I will also contact the retailer about this and inform the upper management of their business conduct.

Terrible customer service or should I say customer no-service. Only way to contact them appears to be through their really crappy Live Chat, on which you are in a queue for about 15 minutes with prompts to Leave if you want then moved to a second queue where you wait another 15 minutes.

magicJack PLUS Review

If you didn’t pick up the phone by the 4th ring, your caller was diverted to magicJack’s servers, and the caller was given the option of leaving a voicemail. As the account holder, your only option was to modify the message the caller heard when they went to voice mail. Times have changed for the better though. If you’re new to magicJack, here’s how to personalize your outgoing message: Personalize Your Outgoing Message There are several ways to access and change the outgoing message for your magicJack voicemail account: If your magicJack is plugged into a computer, go to the magicJack softphone window.

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