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Charlotte’s maiden name may have been Bridle. Eliza Bartlett later Burge was my father’s great grandmother. She moved to Somerset, married in , survived her husband by 30 years and died in at the grand old age of I am trying to build up a clearer picture of this Bartlett family in Poole and neighbourhood. According to family lore, they are supposed to have come from Lytchett Matravers, where a they were connected with the Rockley family, and b the family was wiped out from “black death”. I have not been able to verify any of this yet, and Joseph was apparently born in Wareham. If anyone can help I can supply more details of what I’ve already found out.

Sam McCall

She is the daughter of the late, Mr. Reeves and his widow, socialite, Madeline Reeves. She has been portrayed by veteran soap actress Michelle Stafford since the character’s debut on May 1, Contents [ show ] Casting After first rumors of former The Young and the Restless actress Michelle Stafford who played Phyllis Summers from —97, —13 being cast in the role rose in early , the casting was not made public until Stafford’s first airing on the show on May 1, But we realized that as soon as she did, the news would be out there long before her episodes began airing.

It was actually Frank’s idea to try to slip her into an earlier show that had already been written and shot, so we could take everyone by surprise.

Dr. Patrick Drake, MD is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and a main protaganist in both seasons of its prime time SOAPnet spin-off General Hospital: Night is the son of Dr. Noah Drake and his late wife, Mattie Drake. He was portrayed by actor Jason Thompson from December 7, to January 7,

While at boarding school, Alexis’ father, Mikkos Cassadine John Colicos , forces her to give the child up and later forges documents to make Alexis believe the child is dead. Sam is adopted by Cody McCall Stanley Kamel and his wife, Evelyn Bass , who choose adoption based on fear of having another mentally handicapped baby like their first child Danny then Henri Lubatti. Cody is a con artist and his way of life forces Evelyn to leave when Sam is only three years old, taking Danny with her.

Cody raises Sam on his own and teaches her the art of the con. When Sam helps Danny escape, he accidentally knocks a candle over that burns down the house, not knowing Evelyn was inside. Sam is arrested for arson, but gets out on bail and goes on the run with Danny to avoid being convicted for Evelyn’s murder. A young Sam does her best to care for Danny but eventually resorts to extreme measures to pay his bills.

Using skills she learned from Cody, Sam marries several wealthy men, and steals their money so she can care for her brother. During her last attempt at a con as “Angela Monroe”, Sam finds herself in an abusive situation when her wealthy mark, Bill Monroe, discovers Sam’s intentions, and attacks her. Sam ends up killing Bill in self-defense. His best friend Jason Morgan Steve Burton claims to be the child’s father to keep Sonny’s family together. Jason and Sam bond as Sam prepares to give birth and they decide to raise the child together.

Sonny’s daughter Kristina Davis then Kali Rodriguez is diagnosed with a blood disease, and Sam’s daughter is proven to be a donor match. Kristina’s mother, Alexis Davis Nancy Lee Grahn , begs Sam to induce labor two weeks early in order to donate her child’s stem cells.

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Neurosurgery — In different countries, there are different requirements for an individual to legally practice neurosurgery, and there are varying methods through which they must be educated. In most countries, neurosurgeon training requires a period of seven years after graduating from medical school. In the United States, a neurosurgeon must generally complete four years of education, four years of medical school.

Most, but not all, residency programs have some component of science or clinical research.

Young and the restless should’ve offered him a damn near blank check to return. They really fucked up big time. Now theyre stuck with that lousy actor who looks like he’s 60 as Billy.

Britt Westbourne Kelly Thiebaud first appeared on the scene at General Hospital, she was a man-eater scheming her way into the hospital shower with handsome new widower, Dr. Patrick Drake Jason Thompson! Britt knew that at the time the then mousy Sabrina Teresa Castillo was going to be trouble for her desire, especially when she realized that Sabrina had fallen for the good doc and his daughter, Emma Brooklyn Rae Silzer.

Well, of course, fake a pregnancy! And boy did Britt ever! And that story beat provided the beginning of the amazing tale that has been woven by GH, and through the performance of Ms. On-Air On-Soaps chatted with Kelly, who has become the true breakout star of the series, and who over the past few months has embodied the character of Britt so well that it has fans wanting more and more, as she literally tries to tap dance her way around her lies and deception only to have it all collapse around her!

So does Kelly relish playing the deliciously evil Britt? What did she think of some of the more implausible moments in her storyline?

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That’s it for the trick-or-treaters, darling. We are out of candy. But you didn’t get any. It’s a good thing. I was just gonna steal one. But what do grownups do on Halloween?

Rocco Falconeri is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Det. Dante Falconeri and his wife, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri via IVF and was carried by Dr. Britt Westbourne. He was formerly believed to be the son of Drs. Patrick Drake and Britt Westbourne.

However, they were impressed by her and decided to give her the part of a recurring character that they were in the process of writing, who they characterized as a “bitchy” doctor. Thiebaud described the casting process as a “surprise”. Britt Westbourne on September 19, During an interview with Star Pulse, she confessed that she was shocked, because she felt that she wasn’t doing well in the role due to nerves, in addition to the fast-paced nature of the genre.

Her departure was not confirmed until this date. She said that “It was just a case of getting used to that [taping] speed again”, and is open to future appearances. Character development[ edit ] Characterization and family[ edit ] Britt’s manipulative untruthful personality has led her to be nicknamed the “Britch” or “Dr.

Sam McCall

As he grew up, he developed a hatred for his mother and vowed that he would never trust her. However, when he met her in Port Charles in , he wanted to become close to her despite lingering reservations about trusting her. Stefan had taken Nikolas to town to save his half-sister Lulu’s life by donating his bone marrow to her.

Aussie Robert Scorpio arrived in Port Charles in He was following Luke Spencer, hoping to locate the whereabouts of a rare and elusive diamond called the Ice Princess.

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Martin Drake paternal great Dr. He is the son of Dr. Noah Drake and his late wife, Mattie Drake. He was portrayed by actor Jason Thompson from December 7, to January 7, Contents Casting Jason Thompson originated the role on December 7,

A profile of the General Hospital character Alan Quartermaine, part of ‘s Who’s Who in Port Charles section.

It’s not unfortunate as him killing my cousin. It isn’t your fault Lulu can’t have kids. Yeah, but that thing with the embryos That’s not on you, man. I mean, if anything, it’s on that Ellie chick. Lulu told me that she’s the one who put the embryos on the “to be destroyed” list or whatever it’s called. You know, it’s just that, that was Lulu’s last chance to have a child of her own, and now it’s just gone. I just can’t understand how a mistake like that can be made.

Was the lab tech just completely incompetent or what? And if so, why was she even — Brad: Listen, Lucas, about Ellie — Dr. Have I told you how much I appreciate you coming with me tonight?

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After the emotional encounter with Patient 6 on the footbridge, she has to make other stopovers while in Port Charles. She needs to see Felicia and Mac first. However, she will hide the truth from Robin.

Kelly Hager Thiebaud (born on August 28, ) is an American actress and model best known for her portrayal of Dr. Britt Westbourne on ABC’s General Hospital. She has also been in several films including Hostel: Part III and Grace Unplugged.

A former surgeon, Alan had become a general practitioner after suffering a hand injury. He soon decided to stay permanently in Port Charles since he had started to fall for Dr. But Monica still harbored feelings for Rick, who had married Lesley Williams. Monica and Rick gave into their feelings finally and made love. But Rick told her that they were over so Monica reconciled with Alan.

Monica became pregnant, but Alan was unaware that there was a chance that Rick Webber may be the father. However Alan’s sister, Tracy knew and did her best to prove that the baby wasn’t Alan’s, mostly because she wanted her son Ned to be the sole Quartermaine heir. Monica gave birth to Alan, Jr.

GH: 12/12/17 – Britt & Nathan