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Despite only being 13, he holds several PhDs and can type at over words per minute. The first episode follows Kim on her first day to school. Not to mention the pressures of maintaining my image. Essentially Kim’s dark reflection. Her stuck up, pessimistic, OCD, holier-than-thou attitude makes her the typical cheerleader. Rufus, this is a precision instrument, incredibly complex. Except believe in my best friend! His ability to convey and evoke emotion are second to none.

Is kim possible dating ron stoppable. Kim Possible Games.

The strongest clans Tagaki, Hyuuga and Uchiha, these are the names of the most feared and respected clans in the whole village, but when noble clans hold things back from their leaders. But then, Rodan literally crashes the festivities when he arrives to wreak havoc as a powerful force draws him to the city. Kindly review if read.

But rather than execute them, the Royals have exiled them to another realm! A low-tech realm where co-existence between humans and monsters is the norm!

Disney’s Ron Stoppable by Galaxy D. Recommended by CMR Rosa; Status: Complete; Synopsis: What if Ron Stoppable was the teen hero with the website and Kim Possible was his sidekick?Read this story to find out! Comments: This is a great story, Kim and Ron were in character even in their different roles.; A Bond of Honor by JP Mod. Recommended by CMR Rosa.

She is unusual in this in that she not only lacks a secret identity, but also remains on good terms with various law enforcement, government, and military agencies. For the most part, her schoolmates are aware of her work but don’t do anything about it unless it affects them directly somehow. Contents [ show ] Appearance Kim is a teenage female of average height with a slim yet athletic build. She has large bright green eyes and long fiery red hair which comes down to her shoulders, and when seen from behind is in the likeness of a heart.

She wears her hair in pigtails when she is in pre-K, and as a preteen, she wears it in one long ponytail and has braces on her teeth. Kim’s clothes Kim has five distinct sets of outfits: Kim is also one of the only cartoon characters to regularly change her clothing. She has been shown at certain times to not wear a bra [2].

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Share Comment Kim Possible is officially 15 years old. Her stories are unforgettable, but there were aspects of the show that stayed out of the spotlight. Horrible , Neil Patrick Harris has played some iconic roles over the years. Though it may sound surprising, the actor originally auditioned for the role back in the day. Marvel played a large role in the show Kim Possible was her own brand of superhero, but the show did see a lot of influence from Marvel.

After Bonnie Rockwaller points out that she’s literally the only member of the Middleton High-cheerleading squad without a date for their upcoming high school prom, Kim Possible realizes that her crime-fighting lifestyle has prevented from maintaining a steady romantic relationship with a boy, and that the closest she has to one is her best friend/sidekick, Ron Stoppable.

Premise[ edit ] Promotional artwork for “Crush”, the series’ pilot, featuring counter-clockwise from upper left Shego in green , Ron , Kim , Rufus , and Dr. Drakken upper-right, in blue Kim Possible takes place primarily within the fictional United States town of Middleton, and focuses on the life and adventures of Kim Possible , an accomplished high school student who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable , and Rufus , his pet naked mole rat.

Drakken , a mad scientist constantly plotting world domination , and his superpowered sidekick Shego , who possesses the ability to generate powerful energy blasts and emit them from her hands, making her the heroine’s most dangerous opponent. Fully aware of their daughter’s occupation, Kim’s parents remain completely supportive of her crime-fighting endeavors so long as she continues to obey curfew , but tend to be more-so concerned about the character’s performance in school, as well as her love life.

A Sitch in Time , Kim became involved in crime-fighting rather unintentionally. Kim’s sidekick; her childhood best friend and boyfriend as of season four who, [16] unlike Kim, is cowardly, [25] socially awkward , clumsy, and unpopular with his peers. Ron’s pet naked mole rat who accompanies Kim and Ron on their missions, traveling in his owner’s pocket. Drakken voiced by John DiMaggio: Lipsky, [16] Drakken is Kim’s archnemesis and most resilient adversary. Kim’s primary combatant and most dangerous opponent; [10] a supervillain with the superhuman ability to generate powerful green energy blasts from her hands.

Shego is Drakken’s sarcastic — but far more intelligent — sidekick, who openly mocks the scientist with little regard for his seniority. James and Ann Possible Gary Cole and Jean Smart , respectively , and her younger brothers, twin geniuses Jim and Tim Shaun Fleming , seasons 1—3; Spencer Fox , season 4 , to whom she refers as “Tweebs” a portmanteau of “twin” and “dweebs” ; the twins speak their own made up language known as “Twinnish”.

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Kim Possible 8 know there are guys Video is loading Once you’re out of the picture, maybe I’ll date him. Didn’t know you cared that much. Actually, here, I’m known as Syntho-Drone

Working on my Monsters and Magic series, still trying to show it to the Walt Disney Animation Company. Rejected about five or six times, but still trying! If any wish to help me, I would really most appreciate it. And any help in contacting the Toho company will be well received!

This article is a stub. You can help Transcripts Wiki by expanding it. That is sick and wrong! I am your doom! You know, someday, we really need to take that hairdryer from her. I beg your pardon?! No, we’ve got more in the back! You took away the bendy-straws! You, sir, have lost it! This is what happens when a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon reproduce.

You know, all that stuff was bad, KP, but do you know what was worse? Spending the whole summer away from you. Is that Brick over there, flirting with the girl at Earring World?

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His “Team Probable” stories are additions to what occurs in season 4. They easily fit into canon and feel like genuine Kim Possible episodes. His original characters are some of the best in the Kimmunity with their unique personalities and skills able to counter those of Team Possible well, not to mention the excellent plots and colorful descriptions.

A writer that has earned his place here by the popular series of fanfics he has written, with the most famous one being Maternal Instinct. Witty dialogues that are reminiscent to the show, good character portrayal to even background characters, and unusual situations are just some of the elements that make his stories more than enjoyable readings. With fast and flowing narration, interesting portrayals, exploring of most characters, and constantly written even up to today, he has written one of the longest and most well known series in the fandom, “Best Enemies”.

Just discovered this board and thought I post my project on here and see what you guys think about it. The project is a visual novel that is currently in development that is primarily set in Kim Possible and Danny Phantom show universe.

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. But I think that at first she didn’t really realize it. When she kind of noticed that Ron liked her, she kind of, well, did too- she liked him.

Kim Possible VS. Clover

I was in 6th grade, I recently graduated from elementary school and I had an entire summer of watching this new Disney Channel show about a teen girl who dabbled in a little bit of international crime fighting as a side gig. You know, nothing too out of the ordinary. She was tough and girly, strong and sensitive and she managed to feel like a real girl despite the fact that she was beating up bad guys between classes.

If you also watched a ton of Kim Possible back in the day, check out this roundup of 10 KP memorable moments! She was brave and fearless but she also had a vulnerable side and succumbed to everyday teen girl drama. I’m so glad that this show emphasized that being a badass didn’t mean that you have to stop having petty feelings and worries and–heaven forbid–emotions.

Kim Possible is an American animated action comedy-adventure television series created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle that originally aired on Disney Channel from June 7, to September 7, The show revolves around eponymous high school student Kim Possible, a teenager tasked with fighting crime on a regular basis while coping with everyday issues commonly associated with .

Monkey Fist Strikes Kim’s tendency to ignore or dismiss Ron’s gut feelings is put to the test when she realizes his initial assessments about Monty Fiske is correct. She worries about Ron being alone with the ” Miles of Bad Road”, but of course, she would worry about anyone in his position and he is her Best Friend.

Attack of the Killer Bebes Main article: While she does defend him from Bonnie and the rest of the main squad, she is honest and tells him that she agrees with them. This causes a strain in their best-friends-relationship as Ron believes that Kim does not believe in him. Despite being upset with her, he nonetheless does get there on his own, albeit late and in time to mess her up.

Later, after learning that Dr Drakken knows her father and was possibly ridiculed into becoming a villain, a Kim decides to fully support her best friend’s bid to being the Middleton Mad Dog mascot as part of the Cheer Squad. Both her and Bonnie are left stunned when the crowd loves his antics. The New Ron Main article: The New Ron Kim exercises her influence over Ron by making him get a new haircut as she feels she knows is best for him.

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Recommended by Doug S Machina. Go City cop Sergeant Sacha Barkin meets two kids from way out of town: Kim and Ron, crossed over into an alternate universe with no supervillains or superheroes, where the World Wars and breakup of colonial empires never happened. While looking for a way for Kim and Ron to return home, they get tangled up in plots involving a new drug on the streets and international espionage.

Voiced by: Christy Carlson Romano and Dakota Fanning (Preschool Kim; Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time) Kimberly Ann “Kim” Possible is a teenager who fights crime and saves the world on a regular basis while dealing with the normal challenges of being a teenager, such as winning cheer competitions, turning in her homework on time, and maintaining a love life.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: As of the series finale, when he saves Kim by using his monkey powers. He used to be one, as shown in flashbacks. A rare male example at times. From the moment he got his Mystical Monkey Powers, they came and went in times of dire situations. It was even lampshaded in “Team Impossible”. It wasn’t until the moment where Kim was in mortal danger that he managed to achieve complete control over it. Dumb Blonde Evil Is Dumb: Both times the Attitudinator alters Ron to the Dark Side, he is extremely effective.

Funny Bruce Lee Noises: Most of his attempts at martial arts except for a few occasions when his Mystical Monkey Power comes to the fore. Sometimes he even points out that they should have expected some of the things the villains do.

Ron can’t believe he’s dating Kim